Yana Chala in Odessa Ukraine Uses Others For Her Gain

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Description: This diseased lying little bitch's real name is Yana Chala and she lives in Odessa Ukraine. Like all whores she is a liar and will use you. Real name is Yana Chala in Odessa Ukraine, Meet her for blowjobs at the Craft Party Bar that she hangs out at very frequently bar address: Улица Греческая, 35, 65000 Odessa, Ukraine, Contact Yana Chala for free pics and videos;by email karenlvcb@gmail.com,Follow Yana Chala on Instagram yann_1222,Friend Yana Chala on VK.com https://vk.com/idyanna5205 Her piece of shit brother is Andriy Kantser and her Aunt Olya Timofiyenko. Why different last names because apparently their mother Lyudmila Chala is as big of a whore as her daughter Yana is. Her whole family knows she is a whore and they support her because she gives them money. Money does not fix morals you piece of shit family.
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